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In support of PGDay.IT


We all know that organizing the PGDay.IT is entrusted to a group of volunteers who are part of the ITPUG - ITalian PostgreSQL Users Group Association. And there is nothing to say about it. What is certain is that it is not enough to have so many volunteers who work tirelessly to create the event. Support from Partners is also needed! So let’s... read more

The right joints are fundamental


How many of you love Rubik’s Cube? Or generally speaking, Puzzle? The right joints are essential for the success of the game. The absence of a puzzle tile makes the game impossible and everything stops. A wrong move with the Rubik’s Cube messes everything up and the game becomes stressful! We are talking about “puzzles”: pastimes that consi... read more

An unmissable appointment


Every year, in any country in the world and at any latitude, conferences, meetups and other events dedicated to Open Source and in particular to PostgreSQL are organized. These events play a fundamental role from the point of view of the dissemination and sharing of the news and opportunities that this reality offers. It is within such an even... read more

Just around the corner


As we already know, the PGDay.IT 2020 will be held in Bergamo between 11th and 12th of June 2020. How come Bergamo? After the past few PgDay’s that we made in locations surrounded by nature, we wanted this year to focus on a place that would give the ” around the corner” sensation, however not giving up on the attractive component. What are ... read more

Call for Papers is OPEN!


PGDay.IT 2020 will be held in Bergamo on June 11th and 12th. If you want to be part of this event as a speaker, please, knock and the door will be opened for you! Who should apply as a speaker for PGDay.IT 2020? PostgreSQL users Companies that rely on PostgreSQL PostgreSQL hackers or PostgreSQL Tool Developers Anyone who wants to shar... read more

We are back!


PGDay.IT 2020 opens the doors. We are full of enthusiasm because the last edition has been fantastic! More than 160 enthusiastic attendees, interesting talks, great speakers, fantastic partners, and a beautiful location. We have also received very positive feedback from the participants! We couldn’t have asked for a better result. Thanks to ev... read more

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