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As we already know, the PGDay.IT 2020 will be held in Bergamo between 11th and 12th of June 2020.

How come Bergamo?

After the past few PgDay’s that we made in locations surrounded by nature, we wanted this year to focus on a place that would give the ” around the corner” sensation, however not giving up on the attractive component.

What are our priorities? Tough choice!

So we made a list of “must-have”:

  1. A strategic, central position;
  2. An airport in the nearby s, well connected with all Europe;
  3. Also well connected with every corner of Italy;
  4. A nice conference venue;
  5. Various accommodation types;
  6. Exciting [bars clubs dinner] places where to have our annual PgBeer;
  7. Appealing as a tourist resort;
  8. Distinctive, easily recognizable;
  9. Good food and wine… But hey, we’re in Italy after all!

From here: Bergamo!

Bergamo is somehow central, in northern Italy.

It boasts a great airport, Orio al Serio, it connects all Europe and not only.

It has lots of red dots on its map!

And one more exciting thing is that it is near, only 5 km, form the PGDay.IT 2020 conference venue.

Even more convenient?

The only downside is that it is not possible to stay overnight at the same conference venue.

The Centro Congressi Giovanni XXIII is not a hotel, but a Convention Centre. It’s a beautiful structure, wide spaces that will facilitate our breaks. The plenary hall is lovely. We only hope that the chairs won’t be too comfy!

The nearest hotel is only 30m away, and it seems that there are more than 400 hotels in Bergamo, any type, level, stars, or prices. Finding a place to stay overnight will not be a difficult thing to achieve, or would it?

One other vantage, the rail station, is in the proximity (around 300m) with lots of connections, very frequent those with Milan for example.

We can say that we satisfied the points from 1 to 5 in our “must-have” list.

From 6 to 9, for now, we can only ask to have faith. Soon we will have the PG_beer announcement and for the good food and wine… look for yourself

Tourism? The Wals of Bergamo is part of the UNESCO World Heritage since July 9th, 2017.

We could stop here, knowing that it would be enough.

Bergamo is a city steeped in history, in the “Città Alta” (“upper city”), a medieval hilltop town, surrounded by 16th-century defensive walls there are traces of the first inhabitants that go 2500 years back.

Upper Bergamo offers the opportunity to make an extraordinary excursion, combining the beauty of the monuments and places with the discovery of the past.

There are too many things that we could point out, but the best thing is for you to discover it.

Need more to be convinced?

One other originality: the funicolar.

The first funicular connecting the Lower Town to the Upper Town, with a traditional system with two back and forth cars, was built in 1887. EATGr innovation!

Data, data, data!

  • Line length: right m. 240; left m. 234;
  • Difference m. 85 (from m. 271 to m. 356);
  • Maximum power: 52%;
  • Two carriages with 50 seats each.

We know very well that our job is not to promote Bergamo, but PostgreSQL. But with a few more attractions, participating in PGDay.IT is undoubtedly captivating.

There will be speakers of excellence, we are sure. Meeting all together, you don’t want to miss it. Miss the opportunity to make new meetings and acquire new skills? Unforgivable!

And if the family turns up their noses, make them read the post and take them with you!


For us, this list is super!

See you in Bergamo on the 11th and 12th of June 2020.


Please send an email with your questions or comments to [email protected]

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